Horseback Safari in Cappadocia


27 Haziran 2021

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Horseback Safari in Cappadocia


Cappadocia means “Land of Beautiful Horses” in the Persian language. You can ride a horse for a safari when you go to Cappadocia. While running in the valleys and fairy chimneys like embroidery, dust clouds behind, leaving footsteps on the ground, breathing the freedom of the moment in geography that dates back to ancient times.

While exploring Cappadocia, which is on the UNESCO World Heritage list, one of the best ways to mingle with the enchanted essence of the region is to float on the backs of these beautiful horses. Cappadocia horseback safari is one of the most enjoyable activities of the region.


About Horseback Safari


The activity that had the most impact on the tourism activity that started in Cappadocia after the 1980s is the horseback safari tour. You don’t need to be experienced in horse riding in order to participate in the Cappadocia discovery tours by horse, which is one of the most popular activities for both foreign and domestic tourists. Even if it’s your first ride, you can get ready to explore after a short briefing at horse farms that provide professional service and supervise safety measures. You can even take your children on board and enjoy this discovery as a family.

Even though the companies that organize the Cappadocia horseback safari go on almost the same route, they can make minor changes and offer different services according to the packages. Transfer services, which means being picked up from your accommodation and dropped off again after the tour, professional trainer services that prepare and give briefings for the tour, insurance for your safety, equipment required for horseback safari, and guiding services are provided in these packages and are included in the price.


Horseback Safari Farms


The horse farm is the beginning of your tour route. You start by choosing your horse first. You get companions based on which Anatolian, English, or Arabian horses you are close to and their docility references. Since the horses are trained and used to these rides, they do not make sudden movements and do not cause difficulties. You can sometimes feel yourself in a western movie and sometimes in a history documentary in the valleys specified on the route, accompanied by a tour guide called ‘Native Cowboy’. The narrow paths that vehicles cannot enter, the skirts of fairy chimneys, and the villages with lush vineyards turn into a movie plateau when on horseback. It doesn’t matter if it’s summer or winter, you can ride a horse in Cappadocia every season.

Horseback safari farms in Cappadocia are preferred places not only for horse tours but also for the famous Cappadocia breakfasts. The breakfast tables, which consist entirely of organic local products, are indispensable for the spring and summer months. After breakfast, you go on a wonderful discovery tour and embark on an adventure on horseback.


Places to Visit with Cappadocia Horseback Safari


Since the valleys of Cappadocia are very suitable tracks for horseback safari, every tour company definitely includes the most beautiful ones in their routes. Kılıçlar Valley, Love Valley, Meskendir Valley, Kızılçukur, Güvercinlik Valley, Paşabağı, Çavuşin Village are among the Cappadocia routes where you will get enough of both natural beauties and fairy chimneys. Horseback safari packages, on the other hand, are offered with a wide variety of options, from 1-hour tours to 2, 3, 4-hour tours to full-day weekly packages. The longer the tour duration, the higher the number of places you see.


Cappadocia Horseback Safari Prices


The price of one hour of the farms that organize horseback safari tours in Cappadocia starts from 25$. If you are going to participate in the tour as a large group, companies can also offer discounts according to the number of participants. Lunch and drinks are included in the prices for full-day packages only. Transfers, equipment, guidance, instructors, and insurance are always included in the price given. Tour companies can also give prices for picnics in the valleys, which will be held on demand.

** Guests over 95 kilos cannot participate in the horseback safari.


Tips on Cappadocia Horseback Safari


Cappadocia horseback safari tours are fun discovery tours where safety precautions are always taken and professional horse-riding skills are not expected. Choosing a flat-soled shoe and taking precautions by wearing a jacket or coat to the conditions that change according to the seasonal conditions and the route is among the measures that will ensure your comfort while driving. In the preparation process for horseback safari, it is important for your safety to wear a helmet. You can use all equipment, including helmets, from the farms you receive service from, included in the price. Although you can join the tours every season and every day, the most ideal hours recommended by the tour companies are at noon. The most special of the unforgettable moments on horseback is the valley pleasures you will make at sunset.



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