Corporate Invidual Accommodation 

For corporate invidual accommodation that could take place both in Turkey and anywhere in the world, investigations are conducted in line with targeted budgets and all alternatives are fictionalized. Hotel prices are budgeted and reported promptly at the optimum level with the necessary negotiations.

Corporate Group Accommodation and Meetings

Corporate group accommodation and meetings that could take place both in Turkey and anywhere in the world are organized with the finest details, budget reports, and necessary presentations are executed. Thus, the final needs and demands of our corporate business partner are assessed in the most efficient manner, resulting in absolute satisfaction.


Your transfer needs and the satisfaction of our guests in this regard are very important to our business partners. We’re aware of that! Please feel free to send all of your requests and complaints.

Flight Ticket 

We are aware that budget assessments, speed and the most efficient alternatives for flight tickets will make a difference in the service. With all our ears, we listen to all your demands and needs and provide you with the fastest support possible.


Obtaining visas from consulates and embassies are laborious and tiresome due to procedures and paperwork. By reducing the risks of negative consequences of your visa, we save you time and inform our passengers about correct and convincing documents. We are always ready to support you with professional solutions for your visa applications.

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