Street Foods of Istanbul


28 Haziran 2021

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Street Foods of Istanbul


If you’ve ever been to Istanbul, you must have noticed the delicious smells of food coming into your nose while walking on any street. Surely, every district has famous street foods and a peddler who makes the best of that food. Do not miss the street foods that you should taste during your visit to this gourmet city. Here are the famous street foods of Istanbul:


Stuffed Mussels


You are very lucky, especially if you like mussels. Because you can find stuffed mussels in almost every corner. Stuffed mussels, which are cooked after being stuffed and placed back in their shells, are among the main street foods of Istanbul. Mouth-watering stuffed mussels with lots of lemons are sold from morning hours to evening hours and even into the night. Beşiktaş, Bostancı, Kadıköy, and Taksim are some of the places where stuffed mussels are one of the most famous street foods of Istanbul.


Kumpir (Baked Potato)


Kumpir is one of the most delicious forms of potatoes. Potatoes cooked in special ovens are blended with butter and cheddar and filled with optional appetizers. Russian salad, sausages, mushrooms, corns, sliced olives are just a few of these appetizers. How bad can a potato be if you fill it with your favorite foods anyway? The place where this flavor is most famous street foods of Istanbul is known as Ortaköy; however, today you can eat very delicious baked potatoes everywhere in İstanbul.


Simit (Turkish Bagel)


Simit is one of the street flavors identified with Istanbul. It is a bagel with sesames on it. Especially do not forget to buy a simit and share it with the seagulls before getting on the ferry.




Fish and Bread

Fish and Bread can be found in many parts of Istanbul but its traditional address is Eminönü. Fish and Bread boats are located at the Eminönü leg of the Galata Bridge. You can eat the fish bread you buy here by sitting on the stools in front of the boats. However, if you prefer a more comfortable area, you can also try the fish and bread restaurants under the Galata Bridge.


Roasted Chestnuts


It is not possible to say goodbye to the winter without eating a roasted chestnut. Fortunately, it is possible to find chestnut sellers in almost every street and street of Istanbul, especially in tourist areas. During the cold winter months, while you are walking with your loved ones, eating your chestnuts in small paper bags will give you very special happiness.


Wet Hamburger


The wet hamburger is one of the tastes of Istanbul whose reputation has crossed borders. The name of the Wet Hamburger comes from a special sauce applied to the hamburger buns. Its fatty and spicy patties distinguish the wet hamburger from other types of hamburgers. In our opinion, you need at least two hamburgers to enjoy this flavor that has conquered your heart and stomach with its special sauce. Of course, you can increase the number according to your capacity. You can find the most delicious food in many centers, especially in Taksim and Bağdat Street. Wet hamburgers are one of the famous street foods of Istanbul.




Kokoreç is one of the flavors you must eat from a place you trust and know for its cleanliness. It made with lamb guts and spices. The smell of kokoreç, which you can eat at any time, day or night, is the kind that can please even those who do not like meat.




Rice with Chickpeas


There are some flavors that you can only find on the street, but rice with chickpeas is not like that. Of course, you can make this taste at home whenever you want. We regret to say that you can never taste the rice you eat on the street. Therefore, our advice to you is that if you see a rice cart on the street, do not miss this opportunity and order yourself rice-ayran and enjoy this magnificent harmony.


Roasted / Boiled Corn


Corn, which some prefer to eat roasted and others boiled, is often seen in Istanbul, especially in crowded places. In fact, its scent disperses so well that even if you haven’t seen it yet, it has penetrated into you.





To visit and taste the famous street foods of Istanbul, click here.

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