Beaches of Antalya


12 Temmuz 2021

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Beaches of Antalya


When you visit the east coasts of Turkey, you must visit the famous beaches of Antalya. The length of the coast of Antalya, the most important tourism center of Turkey, including indentations and protrusions, is 640 km and a straight line is 500 km. However, there are natural beaches of Antalya like Kemer, Tekirova, Kumluca, Finike, Demre, and Kaş. In addition, the Beldibi beaches, the Göynük beaches, and the beaches from Kemer, Tekirova, Olympos, and Gelidonya Cape to Xanthos have all the natural elements necessary for tourism. In the eastern part of the province, the mountains extending parallel to the sea created a plain between the mountains and the sea; Thus, there were magnificent beaches made of fine sand starting from Antalya to Side and Gazipaşa. Lara, Karpuzkaldıran, Belek, Adrasan beaches are among the famous beaches of Antalya.


The Most Famous Beaches of Antalya


Cleopatra Beach: This beach of Antalya is located in the west of Alanya with its 2km length. It is a wide beach with fine sand. Another feature of this beach, where it is said that even Cleopatra took a bath, is that the sea is shallow.


Incekum Beach: This beach is approximately 20 km from Alanya. It is a beautiful beach consisting of pinewood, natural, fine sand in the west. There is an area for tent camping.


Sorgun Beach: It is one of the most beautiful beaches of Antalya. About 6 km from the road going south on the way to Manavgat. It is a cute, natural beach and beach that you can reach when you go.



Koru Beach: Located in the Koru District of Gazipaşa, this beach has the sea; It has the feature of being the only sea that filters itself. It has three natural pools, two of which are ideal for new swimming learners. 3 km from Gazipaşa. There is Iskele Beach at a distance and Kahyalar Beach in the town of Kahyalar.


Lara Beach: This beach is 12 km far from Antalya. The sand is very fine and covered with pine forests. It has public beaches, casinos to cater for food and drink, and changing cabins.


Karpuzkaldıran Beach: It is on the west of Lara Beach, where Düden Waterfall flows into the sea. The sand of the beach, which is used as a military rest camp, is very thin and the sea is shallow.


Adalar Beach: It is a rocky beach in Karaalioğlu Park. It has a restaurant and changing cabins.


Konyaaltı Beach: 3 km from Antalya. west, about 1.5 km. It is a long sand-pebble beach. With the public beach facilities built and put into operation by the municipality, there are casinos, hostels, and hotels for the need for eating and drinking.


Reşat Island Beaches: The beach, which used to be the promenade of Sultan Reşat, is 15 km from Antalya. It is a natural beach surrounded by forests on the Kemer road, to the west.


Kemer Beach: The part from Beldibi Mevkii in Kemer to Tekirova is a natural beach consisting of fine sand. Municipality Beach in the center of Kemer, Moonlight Beach next to the marina, and Phaselis Beach are among the beaches preferred by those who enter the sea.


Phaselis Beach: It is a uniquely beautiful beach that is formed by the combination of history, mountain, sea, forest, a shallow bay, and fine sand.


Adrasan Coasts: It is a natural harbor of Antalya and has natural beaches with rocky and fine sand and a beautiful view.


Patara Beach: Patara (Ovagemiş), which is a Special Environmental Protection Area, is 45 km from the town center on the Kaş-Fethiye road. away. Patara is Turkey’s widest (800 m.) and longest (15 km.) beach. Two of the 5 different sea turtle species living in the Mediterranean Sea, Caretta caretta (very large sea turtle peculiar to the Atlantic Ocean) and Chelonia mydas (green turtle) use 17 regions of the Antalya coast as spawning beaches. Belek, Manavgat, Tekirova, Çıralı, Olympos, Adrasan, Kumluca, Kale (Demre) beaches are also first-degree sea turtle spawning grounds. The sea turtle population starts from the east of the Eşen Stream mouth of the Patara beach and continues east towards the Gelemis village to the mountainous part of the beach at the eastern end of the beach in front of the ancient city. About 7 km. This beach of Antalya, which is long, contains very fine and clean sand.


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