Cappadocia Balloon Tours


29 Haziran 2021

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Cappadocia Balloon Tours


The most unforgettable thing to do in Cappadocia is undoubtedly to fly over the fairy chimneys with a balloon at sunrise. You can buy Cappadocia balloon tours from tour companies.


  1. Are Cappadocia Balloon Tours Safe?


It is said that the balloon is the safest aircraft. Statistics show that balloon crashes are very, very rare. Let’s put that aside for once. If you are confused about piloting, we hope you will be relieved to know that balloon pilots have been trained by Civil Aviation and have special certifications.

As for the material quality, the materials of all balloon companies are subject to strict and regular inspection, and no company can produce a balloon without a license.

But if you have an extreme fear of heights or panic attacks, have recently had surgery, or are pregnant, experts do not recommend the Cappadocia balloon tour.


  1. Best Season and Weather Conditions for Cappadocia Balloon Tours


Cappadocia is a beautiful place both in summer and in winter. You can take a Cappadocia balloon tour in any season, depending on the weather and wind conditions. Because whether the balloons take off or not is more dependent on the wind, not the weather conditions. For example, it is possible for balloons to take off on rainy days, the main criterion is that the wind conditions are not variable.

Likewise, the fact that the weather is clear and sunny does not necessarily mean that the balloon will take off. What matters is the wind. Of course, flights are canceled if it is predicted that it will rain heavily. However, since the weather forecasts are usually predetermined compared to the wind forecasts, it is possible for you to make your adjustments according to the weather conditions for Cappadocia Balloon Tours. But there is no cure for the last-minute saints of the wind.


  1. How to Check If Air Balloon Flight Is Suitable for Cappadocia Balloon Tours?


In our opinion, apart from all the above issues, the only thing you need to worry about is the wind for Cappadocia balloon tours. It also depends on whether all flights can be made or not. There is

a green, yellow and red flag application to minimize the accident rate and ensure safety. Civil Aviation decides whether the balloons can take off and they report the availability on their website every half hour. If there is a green flag, it indicates that the weather is suitable for flight. If there is a yellow flag, all balloons have to wait. If there is a red flag, it means all flights are canceled for that day. All Cappadocia balloon tour companies are subject to the explanations on this website. In other words, no company can act according to its head.


  1. Cappadocia Balloon Tours & What’s Included


When you decide to board the balloon, no matter which company you choose, you need to make a reservation before the day you will board for Cappadocia balloon tours. Thus, you both guarantee your place and catch early reservation opportunities.

The program on the day of your flight is the same for all Cappadocia balloon tours:

– The shuttles of the companies take you from the hotel you are staying at between 04:50 and 05:30 when it is dark, and take you to their offices, where you have your breakfast.

– After the flight approval is given by Civil Aviation, you will go to the area where the balloons will take off. After the pre-flight briefing, the balloons are prepared and you get on the baskets, your belts are fastened, and then you take flight.

– When you get off, champagne and snacks are offered and photos are taken. If you don’t drink alcohol, they also open non-alcoholic champagne. After you give your participation certificate, they drop you off at your hotel by vehicle.

– Whole process is being picked up from your hotel, preparation, 1-hour flight and closing, and being dropped back to your hotel, you need to spend an average of 3 hours for a Cappadocia balloon tour.


  1. Cappadocia Balloon Tours’ Prices


Due to the high expenses of balloon companies, the prices are astonishing, but at the end of the season, the prices are almost half. Prices of the Cappadocia balloon tours may vary depending on the season, special days, luxury needs, number of people.

Although you can’t see as many balloons as at the end of the season, the most important advantage is that the basket you get on is not full. This gives you the freedom to move more freely while having a Cappadocia balloon tour. You may find their prices high, but the cost of the balloons they use is very high and they can fly up to a certain hour. After filling the clock, they refresh the balloon. Prices range from 200 Euros per person (eg end of the season) to 250 Euros, and the flight time takes an average of one hour.


  1. Important Tips About Cappadocia Balloon Tours


– Of course, the weather opposition is decisive. Before you go to Cappadocia, check the weather conditions, and even call your balloon operator and ask if they foresee any trouble.

– Generally, companies take their guests to the balloon after the balloon preparations are finished, but we think it was also enjoyable to watch the preparations for the Cappadocia balloon tour.

– Take care of your accessories such as hats, glasses.


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